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Souvenirs to take home from North Cyprus

Clay pottery in Cyprus dates way back to the late Neolithic period. The Cypriots would give the pottery a ceramic coat and painted glaze and often decorate their homes with it. What better way to commemorate this amazing craft of ceramics and pottery than gifting pottery from North Cyprus. Design 74 is a famous pottery shop […]

Top Places to hike in North Cyprus the hiker’s paradise

In Northern Cyprus a hike is not only a venture but it’s an unforgettable experience. Whether you are reaching the heights of Antiphonitis church with winding Cypress trees and magnificent mountain terrain or making your way up the majestic floors of St Hilarion in all her glory. North Cyprus is truly full of hiking trails […]

Top Reasons to Visit North Cyprus in the Late Summer

October marks the beginning of olive season and the Olive Festival found in the charming village of Zeytinlik is certainly one of the highlights of the season. Zeytinlik is a charismatic village of cobbled streets and during the festivals there are many different stalls to explore. The olive festival is surely a grand setting with […]