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Souvenirs to take home from North Cyprus

Clay pottery in Cyprus dates way back to the late Neolithic period. The Cypriots would give the pottery a ceramic coat and painted glaze and often decorate their homes with it. What better way to commemorate this amazing craft of ceramics and pottery than gifting pottery from North Cyprus. Design 74 is a famous pottery shop in Kyrenia which offers many different painted designs such as ceramic pots of all shapes and sizes, olive oil jugs, and intricately designed Cypriot coffee cups. Coffee cups are a very iconic gift in Cyprus because of the art of coffee cup reading. Cypriot coffee reading is certainly a very popular ritual which involves friends, reading symbols from the motifs of the coffee grains inside the cups and reading what the future holds for their fellow friends or relatives. There are beautiful motif designs from geometric to symbols such as the lemon tree or olive tree patterns on the pots to take away with you.

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